From Beltane to Solstice

Being a summer lover, the time between Beltane and Lughnasadh, May 1 through August 1, is my favorite quarter of the year. I love the long light days, the earth in its season of wild growth.

Now is the first half of that quarter of the year- the time between Beltane and Solstice. The time when the light is still growing. This year I felt very aware and attuned with the power of Beltane. The days around Beltane were full of energy, and I felt it in my body and all around. In these past few weeks I have been getting deeper into my body, doing lots of yoga and walking and biking.

My husband and I are fortunate to live right on a 2,000-acre national park that has preserved the natural beauty of the forest of this area even as the city of Washington was being built up around it. These days we take long walks through these woods, watching through the season all the changes to the herbs and trees and wild berries growing there. Honeysuckle, mulberry, wild raspberry, mugwort, hawthorn…the woods are full of treasures.

Rock Creek Park

This is mostly how I want to celebrate the festivals and the time between them these days- listening to the earth.

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