Seedling Update


Remember these little guys? I posted on April 28th about our basil and cilantro seedlings that were just popping up. Look at where they are today! As you can see the cilantro is starting to show its first little edible leaves. We’re not sure whether it will continue to leaf or whether it might flower until the fall when our apartment cools down. In any case both of our herbs are growing great!


I’m loving our little indoor garden so much that we’re trying to figure out how we can fit more plants into the fairly small area of our apartment that gets enough sunlight for growing. I’m hoping we can find homes for some thyme, sage, and lavender. Thyme and sage we’ll grow from seed, and for lavender I’m hoping to pick up a small plant from the farmers’ market this week.

Also exciting: the main reason I want a lavender plant is I’m hoping to start making my own incense! Of course I won’t be able to grow everything I’d like to use for incense at home, so I’ll have to also pick up some supplies of dried herbs and flowers. I’m also looking forward to using things like dried orange peels in incense.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has experience making incense at home!

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