Blessed Beltane

I hope everyone is enjoying a happy and blessed Beltane! We did our ritual with the Firefly community last Saturday ahead of the date (including dancing around the maypole), and today we did a small ritual in our home.

We prepared the altar with fresh flowers and candles infused with herbs and oils with Beltane correspondences. We smudged with a white sage bundle to cleanse our home and prepare for the energies of the light half of the year. We last smudged at the opposite point of the year for Samhain.

IMG_2647I’ve just started keeping the altar in our home in the last couple of months, and it’s very simple. Over time I’m planning to gather more sacred objects as well as cloths to cover the altar at different times of year.

We also read aloud from some Arthurian legends- it seems fitting to draw on some of the old Welsh tales on this Celtic holiday!

If you’re looking for additional music as you continue to celebrate over the holiday weekend, I’ve made a collection of Beltane playlists including my playlist on 8tracks here.

We’ll continue to celebrate throughout the weekend with a nature walk and of course just celebrating our love. What are you doing to celebrate Beltane?

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