An update on our little herb garden planted just over a week ago- both our Basil and our Cilantro have sprouted! As mentioned in this post, this was our first time planting seeds in the apartment, and with East-facing windows we had concerns about whether our little seeds would grow. So we are so excited that they are indeed making their way into the world! The basil started first and that was actually the one we were more concerned about…we had read about basil requiring more sunlight. To our delight the little basil seedlings started to pop up 6 days after planting! Once basil started to come up but we didn’t see any sign of cilantro I was worried that maybe they wouldn’t fare as well. But then yesterday, 8 days after planting, we started to see the tiniest little green stems coming up from our cilantro seed starters! Both are growing fast now that they’re out of the soil- I’m amazed at their daily progress!



As you can see we began with four little seed starters for each type of seed, and we put a few seeds in each. Basil is coming up nicely in all four little pots, but Cilantro is up in only three of the four so far. Not sure if the fourth is just a little slow, or whether they won’t be coming up at all for some reason. It will be a bit of trial and error no doubt as we continue to nurture our little plants- we are both new to this. But for now we’re just so happy and excited they’re coming up. I can’t wait to get home and see their progress every day!

It’s a great experience nurturing life, no matter how small. It’s incredible to me that with love and care, this,


can grow into this,


in just a few days! To all you gardeners out there, happy gardening!

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