Preparing for Beltane: a Beltane Music Playlist

If you’re like me you’ve found yourself obsessively looking for pagan music, especially Sabbat-related music. I need music to celebrate, and like many people do around Christmastime I like to listen to holiday music weeks before the day to get myself in the mood. I had trouble finding a lot of Sabbat playlists out there, so I decided to make my own. I spend a lot of time poring over 8tracks and Grooveshark for new music, and select songs that to me invoke a particular Sabbat. Of course the selection is subjective- some of the songs are written for the Sabbat, while others to me just set the right mood.

With that, here’s my Beltane playlist for everyone who’s preparing for the holiday! I’ve tried to create a playlist that invokes growth, fertility, and wildness of spirit. I hope you enjoy it!

While Beltane is more than a week away, I know many people are getting ready for rituals and celebrations this coming weekend. I hope this playlist helps get you in the mood as you prepare. My fiance and I are attending the Firefly ritual on April 25th, the Saturday before the actual day of Beltane. We’ll also be celebrating at home on Beltane itself. I’ll be posting more about Beltane- about the history of Beltane, the public ritual and our home ritual- as we move towards the holiday.

What are you doing to prepare for Beltane? Do you have Beltane music you like to listen to?

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