Planting Seeds

My fiance and I live in an apartment in Northwest DC. We love our home- it’s colorful and characterful just like us, with creaky old wood set off with bright red accents, and a bright sun room where we have our piano and guitars. Best of all, it looks out over a huge national park near the zoo, so there’s always a sense of being in tune with the seasons as all the trees outside our windows change their dress throughout the year.

The only drawback is we have no outdoor space- not even a tiny little ledge or balcony- where we can have a garden. So this year we decided we’ll try to grow some herbs right in our apartment. We bought some herb seeds along with all the pots, soil etc we need.

Today we finally planted two types of herb seeds- Spicy Basil and Cilantro. Confession: we had actually been planning to plant these as part of our home Ostara ritual, but life got hectic and we just got around to it! We have the seed starters on our altar, which is in a corner of the dining room and gets some of the best light in the apartment. The altar is looking a little crowded! But it’s nice to have another reason to visit it daily.

We’re anxious to see how the seeds do- although we get plenty of natural light we don’t get direct light, so we’re hoping our babies will be able to grow in the light we have, with of course lots of added love and nurturing from us. It was such a joy to plant these baby seeds in the soil!

We also planted a wildflower seed pod that we got at the Firefly Ostara ritual. That’s in a pot in the solarium.

As you can see in the photo we’re not getting much light of any kind this afternoon- we’ll be getting a rain storm soon! I really love rain in the spring. Everything seems so soft, with the greens muted by the gray misty backdrop. But hopefully we’ll get some sun tomorrow to give our little seeds a good start!

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