Sacred Circle Dancing

Last night I tried a new type of conscious dance for the first time- Sacred Circle Dancing. I first heard of this type of dance last year before Thanksgiving- the National Cathedral as part of their regular labyrinth walk and last Tuesday programming hosts Sacred Circle Dancing on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving each year. I thought it sounded cool but wasn’t able to make it last year…but then I joined the DC Conscious Dance meetup group and saw that there is Sacred Circle Dance going on throughout the year! The group is currently doing dances every two weeks, and each dance session celebrates a different goddess. Last night we danced for Freyja, Norse goddess of fertility, sensuality and many other things. I didn’t know much about Freyja, but am embarrassed to say I got interested in learning more about her because of the BBC Merlin character Freya. What can I say? I looooove Merlin. Merlin_S2_Laura_Donnelly_003Anyway, I had a great time dancing with 6 other women, learning the simple steps to the dances and then holding hands as we danced in a circle around a sacred fire. We danced to some amazing folk music, including Bulgarian, Kurdish, Turkish and Greek. I also learned a little about Freyja, who drove through the sky on a chariot pulled by two huge cats! It was just a taste of learning about this ancient powerful goddess, so I will have to learn more and report back here.

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